Memories on your Plate

Stories of food from Indian kitchens across the globe.

  • Sharing a home cooked meal is sharing a story. There is a transformative power in uplifting the differences in how people cook and eat together. Our hope is that through the act of telling these stories of what you eat, we will bring our worlds a little closer together.

  • This is why we’re collating this very special magazine, Memories on a Plate - to build a bigger kitchen, one with room for all of us. We seek to explore the intersection between food, memory, nostalgia and home, expand upon it and provide a space for these conversations in the form of art,

  • stories, essays, photography, anecdotes, poems, comics et al. We want to create a space that brings Indians across the world to celebrate their culinary traditions, and get inspired by each other to maybe try new ones. 

More than 800 million people sleep hungry every night

With every purchase, we will donate a meal to Khaana Chahiye, an impact foundation working towards SDG-2 'Zero Hunger', in Mumbai

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