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The Lil' Legacy | Small Sized Cookbook

The Lil' Legacy | Small Sized Cookbook

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Every family deserves an heirloom cookbook. 

A family cookbook is an inheritance of love. At Andaaz, a bespoke family cookbook publishing service, we help you preserve your favourite, most precious recipes in a professionally-edited and designed cookbook.

Our editorial and design team will work with you closely to customise the book as per your requirements. Broadly, it will include: 

  • Foreword & Family Note

  • 10 Recipes

  • 4-5 Photographs

  • Acknowledgements & End Notes

Total number of pages will be 24-28. In case there are any additional pages, the cost will vary. 

Book Specifications: 

  • Hardbound, 6.2”x7.2” 

  • Uncoated glasso paper, which will last decades

  • Well structured recipe log pages to record upto 25 recipes

Pease note that the entire project from beginning to delivery usually takes 4 to 6 weeks depending on the promptness of your replies. 


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